LightBoardCorp. Aluminium Fiberglas Nylon Paddle | 3-Piece

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SUP  is an excellent work out and makes out-of-reach surf spots accessible and let you explore the coastline. But you can't get to the next level and distance if you are tired. Fatigue starts using the wrong paddle so advanced  riders know  it's the most important part of the gear. Weight and flex, catch and power is key. Excellent paddles create stoke and this is our mission !  THE LIGHT ALUMINUM paddles offer great performance given the entry level pricing. Compared to other beginner models they offer excellent performance and a very good weight ratio.



  • 30% Fiber 70% Nylon  Blade, Shaft 100% T6 Aluminium
  • Palm Handle
  • Round Shaft
  • Angle 8°
  • Area  580 cm2\m
  • Rider Weight 40-9+kg
  • Length 172 - 212 cm
  • 960g

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