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A special wing concept that bucks the trend: a low aspect outline is mixed with a thin section to generate lift through sheer area and then switch to control and stability at high speeds thanks to the thin section - exactly the opposite design concept of thick, high-aspect wings. The Ocean Surf series are for wing foilers who are willing to sacrifice some low-end power and stall-resistance at low speeds for more top-end stability and performance. 

Ocean wing set available sizes:   2400 (105cm) // 2000 (90cm) 


Front Wing Design:

The Ocean Surf is a low aspect wing that makes it lifty and powerful. The rounded, sweeping leading edge makes it maneuverable and smooth to handle.

The monoconcave front view adds extra power by cupping the water as you take off. Once flying at cruising speeds, the monoconcave creates stability.

What makes the Ocean Surf unique is the foil section that is thinner, sharper and more symmetrical than typical wings. This creates a lift/drag curve that's also unique for wings in the 2000/2400 size: you have more control, speed and stability at higher speeds while sacrificing some stall resistance, power and performance at lower speeds.

With a dose of high-precision, high temperature CNC-milled molds, a dash of extremely high pressure and some finishing touches by a robot sander. We build  these wings in 100% high-modulus pre-preg carbon fibre using a mix of uni-directional fibres, bi-axial fibres and a proprietary ultra-light core. The wings are unbelievably light, stiff and responsive. A double overlap along the leading edge and trailing edge maximises stiffness and strength.   

Front-Wing-Fitting: The front wing slides over the fuselage and locks in place with a quick half-turn of the pressure bolt. The new HD upgrade has an extra hole for a second bolt that gives additional security for heavy duty use. They won't work with Wind Foil fuselages that use the saddle system.


Tail Wing / Piece Design:

The Wave 270 is our original tail wing that is a classic and established design. Compared to the Razr 250, it has more yaw-stability and slightly less top-end speed.

The tail wings are made from 28 layers of high-modulus carbon, pressed at high temperatures under tremendous hydraulic pressure for maximum precision, stiffness and performance.

The carbon tail piece is available in sizes 31 or 36, we chose the 36 for the standard wing set since the 36 adds more stability while still offering plenty of maneuverability and reactivity.

Tail-Wing-Fitting: The tail wing sits on a carbon tail piece that has an adjustable rocker saddle. Set the tail wing to your desired angle then slide it on to the fuselage. The tail piece locks in place using our patented Quick Lock system, just like the front wing. They won't work with Wind Foil fuselages that use the saddle system.

Trimming: More angle gives more lift. Less angle gives more speed. Once you've trimmed the tail wing angle to your liking, simply tighten the two bolts. There's no need to undo these bolts again. The tail wing and tail piece stay together, ready for Quick Lock assembly / disassembly.



  • Front Wing Ocean Surf
  • Tail Wing Wave 270
  • Tail Piece Carbon 36
  • Bolts and Torx Key
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