Starboard Aluminium V7 Mast Set | Foil Mast

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Maximum stiffness and strength. Wall thickness is reduced and three internal cavities are maximised to bring weight down to a minimum. Three load-bearing I-beams run down the length of the mast for maximum strength and stiffness. The front and back stringers are made extra thick and carry vertical loads through two 12mm wide stainless steel barrel nuts.

72cm // 82cm



The mast's core is made from extruded Aluminium 6061 that is anodized and then sealed water-tight. The ends are then machined by CNC and spacers made from Akulon (a type of recycled plastic that is extremely tough and stiff) are finally fitted on both ends. 

Two side-bolts allow us to maximise connection strength and stiffness without adding wall-thickness. If you undo these bolts and the two vertical bolts, you can remove the top plate mount and (surprise!) there is a Deep Tuttle fitting inside. 2 in 1. 

Quick Lock fuselages are split into two pieces: the front piece and the tail piece. The tail piece is supplied with the Wing Set and the front piece is supplied with the Mast Set.

The fuselage front piece needs to be assembled to the mast when you first unbox your Mast Set. Once assembled, this front piece doesn't need to be removed from the mast anymore.

Some progressing riders may prefer the Aluminium V7 mast that sinks the foil, making it act like a keel and helping to keep the board flat and stable.



  • Aluminium V7 Mast
  • Quick Lock HD 36 front piece
  • A set of Torx Bold, 4x Top Plate bolts, 1x Torx Key
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