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Maximum efficiency and minimum weight. The base is shaped super-thick to provide maximum stability and rigidity. This thickness tapers down to a narrower chord for enhanced maneuverability and improved efficiency. The rounded leading edge is made to keep turns smooth and precise at any speed. It was easily our favourite new item from the new collection. 

72cm // 82cm // 92cm // 102cm



The top plate is fused with the mast to form one monolithic carbon piece. Four counter-sunk top-plate bolts fit through four beveled aluminium washers for optimum load distribution. The masts are supplied with a separate adhesive foam pad that we don't recommend using. We find these foam pads reduce the solid connection between rider and foil.

Much of what makes these masts so light, so stiff and so strong needs to remain a Starboard Foils secret recipe. Roughly speaking, Starboard Foils' Monolithic Carbon masts are made from pre-impregnated 'ultra' high modulus carbon layers, orientated along three axis and wrapping a proprietary lightweight core to be pressed under extra-high hydraulic pressure at extra-high curing temperatures.

Quick Lock fuselages are split into two pieces: the front piece and the tail piece. The tail piece is supplied with the Wing Set and the front piece is supplied with the Mast Set.

The fuselage front piece needs to be assembled to the mast when you first unbox your Mast Set. Once assembled, this front piece doesn't need to be removed from the mast anymore.

The Monolithic Carbon mast set makes your foil light enough to float. Riding the lightest foil makes flying more efficient, more controllable and more reactive.



  • Monolithic Carbon Mast
  • Qick Lock HD 36 front piece
  • A set of Torx Bold, 4x Top Plate bolts, 1x Torx Key, 4x 3D washer sets
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