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The Hover Crossover combines a multitude of boardsports with 4-in-1 performance. The addition of a mast track and footstrap inserts makes it simple to switch sports and use for windsurfing foiling or wing-surfing. The rocker line and bottom shapes are made to provide SUP surfing performance when ridden without a foil and come with a quad fin setup equipped with FCS II Eco Fin boxes. The 10” track system is strategically positioned for both surf and windsurf foiling and reinforced with a high-density foam block and stringers that disperse the load of the foil evenly.

The Hover Crossover reflects Naish’s waterman lifestyle, combining a multitude of boardsports with 4-in-1 performance — wing-surfing, windsurfing, foiling, or SUP.



  • Quad Fin Setup
  • High Density PVC Foil Track System
  • FCS II System
  • Mast Track & Footstrap inserts



  • CNC cut EPS core
  • High density deck-to-bottom foil track system with carbon reinforcement
  • PVC sandwich deck/wood sandwich bottom CNC EPS core construction
  • PVC glass deck construction
  • Glass/wood bottom construction
  • Kevlar reinforced rails



  • Board
  • Quad Fin Setup


Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Hover Crossover 120 7'4" / 223,5 cm 30" / 76,2 cm 4 3/4" / 12,1 cm 120 L
Hover Crossover 140 7'4" / 223.5 cm 32" / 81,3 cm 4 7/8' / 12.4 cm 140 L
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