Red Original Bungee Cord | neon-green

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Nicht geeignet für das Red 13‘2 oder Jumbo Bretter

Who Wants Standard When You Can Have Custom

Pretty much every inflatable paddleboard comes with a cargo tie down system with a standard coloured bungee relevant to the design of the board. Now you can get different coloured bungee rope which can be easily fitted to your SUP to help you stand out from the crowd. With plastic covered ends, the bungee will not fray keeping your board looking fresh all year round and makes changing colours easy. 


1.95m length fits boards with 4 cargo points

2.75m length fits boards with 6 cargo points



Tech Specs:

  • Sealed ends: Prevents the bungee from fraying
  • Various lengths: To fit different sizes of cargo tie down systems
  • Personalise your SUP: Make your board your own by adding a different splash of colour

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