Hobkey - Supkey White

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A white SUP that you will always have with you. It’s rigid, so you won’t need to pump it up, but it’s still flexible so it won’t bother you in the pocket. Additionally you also are getting the lightest paddle in the world free of charge. It weights only 0.4 g.


Board size: 7.5cm x 2.5cm – 3″ x 1″.
Material: flexible PVC and stainless steel wire.




The man behind Hobkey is your fellow adventurer Marin Medak, a sea kayaker and ocean rower from Slovenia. Kayaking around the world is his passion and with Hobkey he wanted to capture the beautiful moments of pleasure in an object that would make him happy even when he is not on the water.


"Every time I open the door of my apartment and I see the yellow Keyak on my keys, I smile. It reminds me about all the splendid moments I spent on the water and gives me the energy for the everyday life."



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