Mistral Sunburst 10'5" x 32" - Allround / Surf

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Mistral Sunburst 10'5" x 32" - Allround / Surf

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Perfekt für Einsteiger & Fortgeschrittene Paddler

+ Sehr schönes ansprechendes edles Holz-Design
+ Die Sunburst Reihe wurde vorwiegend für All-Round Bedingungen, wie Flachwasser, aber auch um in kleinen Wellen zu surfen, konzipiert


New for 2020 we have added an 11’9 and the addition of a mast foot fitment on all boards, so as to make these versatile for both SUP and WindSUP. Very probably the most popular SUP hard board shape on the market, evocative because of the instant association with the classic Malibu Surfboard shape and all that this shape and form represents. Beyond the simplicity of design, our Sunburst boards offer you a genuinely fun and versatile SUP, which permits recreational paddling and the ability to play in the waves. Add to this the wood veneer lamination and happy colours, ample non-slip decking, these boards offer truly good value for money, with good looks and guaranteed fun performance. Laminated in fibreglass with PVC laminate, the Sunburst is a durable companion that’s easy to repair should the need arise. Choose between the 9’6, 10’5 or 11’9 depending on your size and weight and how you want to use the board – the longer you go, the better the paddling experience and the easier it will be to catch surging long board waves.



Sunburst 9‘6 x 31“ x 157L x 10.10kg – WindSUP® Option 

Sunburst 10‘5 x 32“ x 181L x 13.34kg – WindSUP® Option 

Sunburst 11‘9 x 32“  x 228L x 14.2kg – WindSUP® Option 






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2 - 2 von 8 Ergebnissen