JP Australia SURFAIR 9'0"x30"x4" Surf SUP 2016

JP Australia SURFAIR 9'0"x30"x4" Surf SUP 2016

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SURFAIR – 9’0″x30″x4″

Great fun in the waves without the risk of injuries. Some of the pro guys were amazed at how well the SURFAIR handles the surf. Hassle free travelling is included with this board as you can pack it tightly into a standard suitcase.





Length cm / inch

Width cm / inch Volume liters Thickness cm /  inch Weight +/- 6% kg / LBS Fins


275 / 9'0" 77 / 30" 164 10,0 / 4" 7,5 / 16,5

9,0" [PE] "US" + 

2 side fins 3,0" fix

                                                                                                                     US = US Box / [PE] = Injection Molded Polyethylene

Spare Parts:     



jp-blue-pump-DL-kl          JP16-backbag-LE-air-kl                 Air-SUP-fin-kl


Pump                                                                  Bag                                                                    Finne

The blue, double-stroke high                                The grey and narrow bag with                             Foiled fin for the new inflatable finbox.
pressure pump with integrated                             front zipper opening for easy                               To be fixed with the screw. [PE]
manometer comes with the                                  packing comes with the LIGHT EDITON 
BOUBLE LAYER EDITION inflatables.                     and the DOUBLE LAYER EDITION:



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