JP Australia SMALL GLASS PE 2 piece Adjustable SUP Paddle 2016

JP Australia SMALL GLASS PE 2 piece Adjustable SUP Paddle 2016

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This combination of light fiberglass shaft and tough fiberglass reinforced Polyethylene (PE) blade is a great alternative to heavy alloy paddles.?Due to the longitudinal structural reinforcements, the PE blades are very light but also very stiff.

New for 2016 is the small Glass PE paddle with a 75in2 blade (40cmx17cm).
The shafts have horizontally roughened surface for a good grip and they come with an ABS handle.
Blade: glass PE
Shaft: fiberglass with glossy rough finish
Size / Blade Area:

• 75 in2 (15.7″ x 6.7″, 40 x 17 cm)

Length 2 piece: 4’5″-6’3″, 135-190 cm



The compression clamps are very solid due to two connecting points secured through a FCS compatible set of screws for fine tuning.


The inner tube fit to the shaft is impeccable and there is absolutely no play. There are no holes drilled either on the extension or the shaft, so the construction is not compromised.



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