2017 Naish Mana LT 9'10" x 34" - Inflatable Light Allround/Wave SUP

2017 Naish Mana LT 9'10" x 34" - Inflatable Light Allround/Wave SUP

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Mana Inflatable 9'10" LT

Inflatable Widebody All-around



The Mana Inflatable 9'10" is an incredibly stable, 34” widebody design that is ideal for learning, touring and small wave riding. It features a smoothed out, progressive rocker that provides easy turning maneuverability and outstanding all-around performance in flatwater.


Durable and lightweight, the LT construction builds strength from the inside out. Polyester space yarn is strategically positioned in a reinforced V-connection for maximum strength and load distribution. Maintaining precision control over rocker and twist, we adhere a .52 mm 1,000 Denier PVC Hybrid Stringer once the drop-stitch is formed, to reinforce shape without weighing down the structure. A double rail construction adds further strength and stiffness, while high-heat tolerant german-made adhesive ensures long-lasting resilience. 



9'10" / 299.7 cm


34" / 86.4 cm


6" / 15.2 cm


21.6 lbs / 9.8 kg


230 L

Max Rider Wt.

280 lbs / 127 kg







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