Norden Pintail 10'0" blue/melon- Surf SUP

Norden Pintail 10'0" blue/melon- Surf SUP

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The Norden Pintail is our classic Longboard SUP. With 10´0 in length and 29 3/4 in width it offers great stability and is the perfect board if you prefer the longboard style SUP riding with ocasional noserides and drop-knee turns. The Pintail is also a great allround SUP for people up to 85 kg and works really well for flat water paddeling.



  • Double Wood Sandwich construction
  • EVA deck
  • incl. Norden Center Fin & FCS side fins


The double wood sandwich construction offers the best balance in strength, durability and light weight. We use 20 kg EPS cores on smaller Boards and 15 kg EPS cores on the bigger boards. Two T-Stringers provide the boards’ core with the right degree of strength without compromising flex. The boards are glassed with two layers of 6 & 4-ounce fibreglass cloth on the bottom + a full bamboo wood sheet and 2 layers of 6 & 4-ounce fibreglass cloth , 1 layer of full bamboo wood + a ¾ bamboo patch in the standing area on the board’s top. A hard-coat spray finish protects the colour design from paddle-dings and collision with ‘other things’ you might hit in and out of the water. The Diamond Groove EVA Deck is designed to afford you superior grip and comfort on your board.



10’0’’ x 29 3/4 x 4 3/16 [146 l]



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