Norden Combat 7'11 x 28 1/8 - Surf SUP

Norden Combat 7'11 x 28 1/8 - Surf SUP

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The new Combats are our highperformance Wave SUPs. With low volume it proves that not only the amount of litres but also the distribution of the volume is the key to combine good stability and maximum performance in one board. Thin rails, narrow nose and tail, and a high performance rocker line make this board the most radical SUP in our range. The new Combat is for those who are looking for a SUP board that works from chest high peelers to double overhead bombs.



  • Surf Glass Technology
  • EVA deck
  • incl. Norden Thruster/ Quad fin set


The new surf glass technology offers a similar feel to the construction of a normal epoxy surfboard. Using 25kg EPS coee, handlaminated with 2x 6oz top and bottom and an extra 6oz+wood veneer in the standing area make the board light, yet strong, a full vector carbon rail plus a carbon band ón the bottom controls the flex and ad some extra strenght.



7´11’’ x 28 1/8 x 4 1/8 [100 l]



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