Kahuna Drop Deck 43" Longboard Complete - Black Wave (Black)

Kahuna Drop Deck 43" Longboard Complete - Black Wave (Black)

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The Kahuna Creations' drop deck longboards are dear to our hearts as one of the sweetest longboards in the product lineup. The beauty of these longboards is the incredible shape and style.   We begin with a huge 2" drop, which gives the rider the lowest safest possible ride against the road.  When you ride this board, you feel at one with the road. You feel ultimate control, stability and safety because of the low center of gravity.  The front of the board is super wide at 10.5" and tapers towards the tail.  This profile gives the rider a complete sense of stability and control.   It is truly unique because, although, the board was designed as a performance board for serious board riders, it is very popular with beginners because you are only a short distance from the ground.  You get a sense of serious control and fun.  great for both free riding or landpaddling.

This board is a MUST HAVE in your quiver!

Artwork by world famous Su'a Sulu'ape FreeWind, Samoan Chief, owner of Black Wave Tattoo, and one of the only men on the planet sanctioned to tattoo Samoan royalty.


  • Dimensions: 43" X 10.5"

  • Tahitian Lava Sand Grip

  • Trucks: Bear 180mm Premium Longboard Trucks

  • 70mm 82A Wheels

  • Drop 2"

  • Never get wheel bite




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