2019 Naish ONE LT 12'6" x 30" - Inflatable Touring/Race SUP

2019 Naish ONE LT 12'6" x 30" - Inflatable Touring/Race SUP

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ONE 12’6” LT

Inflatable Touring/ONE-Design Racing


“World’s Best-selling Inflatable SUP”

The ONE 12’6” is hands down, the international best-selling inflatable SUP board for all-around cruising, long-distance touring and N1SCO one design racing. Its sleek outline is 30” wide and 6” thick for incredible rigidity, stability and speed. It also has an integrated number guide on the deck pad for referencing proper stance position.

N1SCO stands for “Naish International SUP Class Organization”, which is a one-design racing class where all riders compete exclusively on the ONE 12’6”. N1SCO competitions include sprint, intermediate-distance and long-distance racing, as well as team relays that are accessible for any level rider. They are competitive, fun events that are easy to follow, thrilling to watch and a great social experience for the whole family. The introduction of the new ONE LT construction adds an even more accessible pricing option to the N1SCO fleet. ONE, ONE LT and ONE Alana LT boards are all welcome to participate at N1SCO races. 

Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs /104 kg



12'6" / 381 cm


30" / 76.2 cm


6" / 15.2 cm


23.8 lbs / 10.8 kg


265 L


230 lbs / 104 kg







10.0 Slide in Fin


AIR Carry Handle


Inflatable EVA Deckpad


Roller Inflatable Bag


Dual Flow Pump









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