RRD Adjustable Alu 3 Piece Paddel

RRD Adjustable Alu 3 Piece Paddel

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The new RRD ALU adjustable paddle collection redefines the term ‘ALU Paddle’. The shaft is manufactured using a double anodization process, creating a really long lasting structure and finish and a unique, top quality look.

The handle is made with a UV resistant, anti-slip texture surfaced plastic, covered with soft rubber areas that are in contact with the fingers and lower part of the hand. This special design gives the handle the best grip and comfort possible.

The all-new blade, available with three different surface areas, is specifically designed to be made with a plastic molded technology, with special V-to-concave shape and oversized thickness, allowing the blade to be stronger, stiffer and very efficient.

The outline edges of the blade are fully covered by a special rubber that prevents damage to the rails of the SUP board.


  • System: Adjustable compress
  • Total lenght in cm: 171-211
  • Blade width / lenght in cm: 20/46
  • Blade width / lenght in inches: 7.8”/18.11”

Can be adapted and used as KIDDY a paddle!

*Das momentan auf dem Markt kleinste 3-teilige Paddel, im zerlegten Zustand.


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