The Core - An African SUP Adventure DVD

The Core - An African SUP Adventure DVD

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A Premier Hawaii Production: 3 Friends- 1 Mission. From the makers of award winning movies (Liquid Thunder at Jaws, Boost, Rave, Speed IQ, How To SUP Hawaiian Style Vol1&2, The Power Zone 1&2) comes a SUP movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. 


THE CORE is about 3 friends from different walks of life, on a single Mission to uncover some of South Africa's best SUP destinations. Greg Bertish travel guru and SA big wave pioneer. Jonno Rosslind, Cape Town local and style master of note. Ivan van Vuuren, SUP Pioneer and all round waterman push the limits of stand up paddle boarding. Includes insane riding, Gale force down wind racing, travel, the World's first SUP wave pool event plus lots more.


+ Gratis Munich-SUP Aufkleber



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