Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1 DVD

Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1 DVD

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Master the art of the ancient Hawaiian surfers. Learn from the world’s top waterman as they take you step-by-step from first time basics to riding your first waves, secret techniques, Pro tips and tons of insane action in-between.


Features: Action Introduction, Equipment, Getting started, Rules, Brian Keaulana: Pro Tips. Wahine (Ladies) Section, Water Time, Carrying Board Techniques,

Basics: lying down; paddle; position. Keypoints: getting up, Core balance. Posture, Position, Stance, Advanced Starting Techniques, Paddling.

Turning: Back paddle, Heelside kick turn, Frontside kick turn, Advanced turning, Exiting Water, Action, Safety, Conditions, Catching Waves, Surf Time. 


Extras- Hawaii Action Segments, Oahu Contest and more...


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